Curried Lime Stir-Fry Chicken with crushed chilli’s

A Bowl of flavours

I just fired together this delicious quick recepie tonight the flavours are dancing around my mouth as I write this blog.

It is a simple quick tasty dish here is my quick recepie.

Cook chicken in garlic butter crushed chilli’s papriki add in a whole squeezed lime add curry powder stir until cooked through add your preferred stir fry vegetables let it cook through then add a tub of single cream and let simmer for a while

The smells are amazing and tastes fab serve with rice and there you have a simple quick tasty dish.

Watch “Scenery of Northern Ireland, Donaghadee. Beautiful pictures captured of our wonderful country.” on YouTube

The beautiful place we call home. Daily walks help our minds heal gets rid of our negative thoughts and make us evaluate life I love the feeling of getting back from a nice long walk especially in the winter and that feeling of refresness you really can’t beat it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Pumpkin & Carrot corriander soup with a kick.

Winter soup days.

Pumpkin Carrot and corriander are great combinations for a simple but very tastey soup.

My recipe for this winter delight is pumpkin,carrots,garlic,chilli’s,veg stock,fresh corriander,butter,black pepper here is my simple recipe.

One pumpkin peeled and diced cook it in veg stock untill soft,seven carrots peeled then grated cook in veg stock untill soft drain then set aside the veg stock for later. Puree your garlic about three pieces to give it lots of flavour add the garlic,black pepper and a generous block of butter to a hot pan stir then add chopped corriander and fresh chilli’s once all is mixed well and evenly cooked add to the carrots and pumpkin use a blender and blend it all together finally add the veg stock give it a good stir and let it warm up low on the stove don’t put too much stock in as you don’t want it too runny. Add some cream to your bowl of you like it creamy.

I hope you enjoy this tasty recipe one of my favs!

Crumpets the deliciousness of savoury or sweet.

How do you eat yours?

Let’s talk about crumpets oh those delicious little circles of heaven I love to snack on these wee beauties for breakfast or supper before bed 🙈

What I love about crumpets is you can eat them sweet or savoury my favourite is avocado,bacon and a runny poached egg it sure sets you up for the day. My sweet favourite is Maple syrup I even love them with strawberry jam. Try crumpets with salmon and cream cheese delicious!

How do you eat your crumpets I’m dying to know?

Rustic Spinach & Tomato soup.

Tickle the taste buds with my rustic soup recipe.

Everyone loves a nice tasty soup especially on a winters day here is my simple but delicious recipe.

I love my slow cooker for making my soups saves baby sitting the cooker gives me more freedom for chores that need attended to.

Come join the slow cooking experience and start making delicious recipes here is a quick Spinach and Tomatoe soup recipe.

I use a large bag of fresh spinach,ten ripe fresh tomatoes,three cups of vegetable stock,chilli flakes,pinch of salt and pepper,blended red peppers and a tin of baked beans a tomato based sauce let’s get that soup going.

Add the spinach and chopped tomatoes to the slow cooker add in all the stock blend red peppers and add to the slow cooker add the salt pepper and chilli flakes and a tin of baked beans and your preferred tomatoe sauce flavouring stir in very well and cook on high for four hours.

Once the soup is cooked you can eat it rustic or blend it all together add a taste of cream and serve with fresh bread I hope you enjoy your little bowl of heaven.

Mouth popping savoury pastries

Popping with flavour!

You gotta try these mouth watering flavoursome savoury pastries packed with lots of flavour!

These delicious pastries are filled with Philadelphia cheese, jalapenos,spinach,cheddar cheese and a sprinkle of garlic salt you will have a taste bud sensation snaking on these bad boys!

Simple recipe roll out pre made puff pastry or make your own,cut into individual squares, preferred size I find large squares work great get a bowl and mix all the ingredients together be generous with the jalapenos 😉 then simply spoon filling onto your pastry and shape pastry so that all the edges are folded you don’t need to be too fussy with it I find rustic ones taste better 😊 Put on greese proof paper and place on oven tray and cook untill golden colour. Now away and enjoy that mouth popping experience!

Spicy crunchy maple syrup sweet corn and barbacue flavour slow cooked beef.

What an amazing combination of flavours this dish holds from the crunchy sweet corn to the intense flavour of the slow cooked beef.

Here is my quick and simple recepie.

Sear off the roast beef joint then add the flavourings off two bottles of barbacue sauce, tomatoe based sauce,a good dollop of maple syrup,black pepper and crushed chilli’s and paprika mix it all together and add to a slow cooker for 4 hours on high.

For the spicy maple syrup sweet corn cook the sweet corn in boiling water for one minute drain then add to a pan of hot melted butter put a taste of chilli powder and Praprika and stir add in a good helping of maple syrup let it caramelize slightly let it cool then add in chopped baby gerkins it really gets your taste buds kicking 😋

Serve with boiled baby potatoes tossed in chopped garlic,butter and crushed chilli’s add in a bit of basil.

The veg is a simple but tastey long green beans boiled then drained. Tossed in garlic butter and crushed chilli’s.

Add a couple of Yorkshire puddings to soak up that taste bud sauce and enjoy 😊

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