resin making course

Have you ever wanted to learn to create with resin? Then look no further I have created an online video course for beginners.

You will learn how to make beautiful hanging unicorn ornaments and jewellery, my course is a one time video course and will get you resin ready in no time it is fun quick and very easy to follow perfect for beginners.

You can purchase my course via my payhip store I hope you enjoy it 🙂

zepiskye photography

A stunning shot of Donaghadee NI. I captured this shot while walking at night I love the beauty of the sea when the moon is shining upon it. available to purchase via my picfair

Donaghadee NI still at night.

Here is Donaghadee lighthouse shining bright at night the colors sure do make this a beautiful shot available via my picfair or it can be purchased on so many items via my redbubble shop

Here is a sample of one of my small art board prints all different sizes and styles available.
Donaghadee sky high NI

A elegant shot of Donaghadee NI that I captured the true beauty of NI available for commercial, advertisement, wall art, and more via my picfair

All the items above are available to purchase on items via my redbubble shop there are so many styles and items available

zepiskye photography

zepiskye photography turned into cool items.

Here is a short video that I put together of my small business that I’ve just started. I took a few photos of my home town Donaghadee, Northern Ireland and they are now available to purchase on so many items over on my Redbubble shop My photography can also be downloaded and is available for commercial or advertisement over on my picfair

Business growing.

Are you a small business and need some more potential customers? I have set up a facebook group for this why not pop over join my group, share your arts, crafts or any type of small businesses and get noticed by more people or if not a business head over to our friendly group and see what people have to offer lets grow together 🙂 group was only started today it is called The crafters bizz invite your friends to get your work noticed more 🙂

Braving a new business adventure.

It is always daunting starting a new business I got into photography as a hobby and decided to start selling my photos when I came across a site called picfair I am very new to photography, My hobbies are crafting, painting (not very good ) lol and clay making also Jewellery I have endless hobbies but when I seen the pics and googled photography I had no idea that I could make a business selling my own snaps but here I am my new store is only up and running properly after a few tweaks.

what I love about picfair is you can buy my photography as a download or you can have it framed in quality wooden frame in white or black or you can purchase a wrapped canvas my photography is also available for advertisement I am only starting out and would appreciate all kinds of feed back and would appreciate if you share my work all water marks are removed once purchased.

Photography my new hobby.

I have just recently taken up photography for a hobby and have captured some beautiful shots of my home town. I have just started putting them up for sale for people to buy and use on picfair. link to my photography

The beautiful Donaghadee.

I hope you enjoy my photos and would love some feedback if you have time to visit my store on picfair they will be available to purchase as soon as they have been modified there are some talented photographers and if you are looking for that perfect shot to use no doubt you will find it there.

Curried Lime Stir-Fry Chicken with crushed chilli’s

A Bowl of flavours

I just fired together this delicious quick recepie tonight the flavours are dancing around my mouth as I write this blog.

It is a simple quick tasty dish here is my quick recepie.

Cook chicken in garlic butter crushed chilli’s papriki add in a whole squeezed lime add curry powder stir until cooked through add your preferred stir fry vegetables let it cook through then add a tub of single cream and let simmer for a while

The smells are amazing and tastes fab serve with rice and there you have a simple quick tasty dish.

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